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Interface Iloilo HED Week Celebration Moves Forward, 19 Years in the Making


            Interface Iloilo Branch together with the committee in-charge and student organizations spearheaded the celebration with a big plus. This year’s Higher Education Week with the theme, “Moving Forward, Winning Greater Challenges Ahead” conforms to its annual thrust of providing students more avenues of learning outside the normal classroom setting. The weeklong celebration united all stakeholders, bringing the best of every participant and team manager last August 22-26. Three aspiring teams: Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, went head to head in Hinampang, LIMTUS, and Fun Run events, and that is to be the greatest among the houses of Hogwarts.

Day 1

          The celebration was kicked off with a parade from Iloilo Provincial Capitol to Iloilo Sports Complex. While in the parade, teams could not help themselves get excited of Hinampang. Their team T-shirts marked the presence of every house together with their team managers. The student organizations and the faculty and staff dubbed as Team Gryffindor also joined the trail to catch some rays. Hinampang events included ball games: basketball and volleyball, laro ng lahi, track and field events,  and chess. Even the increment weather did not hinder the sportsfest. While waiting for the rain to stop,Bingo game lit joys and laughter to every Interfacer. Team Ravenclaw championed the Basketball Men and Women by winning two matches against Team Slytherin and Team Hufflepuff. In laro ng lahi, Team Slytherin took all the houses down as they won two straight games out of four games. In chess, both teams marked their spots: Team Ravenclaw for Chess Women and Team Slytherin for Chess Men. For the running events, Team Slytherin mowed the oval of the Iloilo Sports Complex as they bagged first place in 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash and 400-meter relay.

Day 2

            The championship game began with Volleyball Men (Ravenclaw VS. Slytherin) and Women (Ravenclaw VS. Hufflepuff). Team Ravenclaw with their playing coach won the match in two sets making them this year’s the strongest players. It was a back to back win since Team Ravenclaw advanced the final league of the match by winning two sets also.

            The highlight of the event was the search for Mr. and Ms. Hinampang 2017. Two pairs for every team wowed the audience as they paraded their sports attires. They were also quick in answering the questions, promoting fitness and health and having a sound mind and body. Team Slytherin slayed all the competing teams as one of their pairs was crowned. Mr. Rustom Ecol and Ms. Fatima Mandal were given the titles, Mr. and Ms. Hinampang. In the end, Team Ravenclaw was declared the overall champion for the sports event.

Day 3 - LITMUS

            The third league of the HED Week Celebration is the Literary-Musical Events. Participants gave their best to hoist their respective team banners. From solo to group performances, the students showcased their talents in public speaking, singing, and dancing. Team Hufflepuff emerged as the big winner in most of the events.

            For the Latin American Dance, Team Ravenclaw grooved the first and second places as two of their pairs impressed the judges with their kicks and glides while Team Hufflepuff placed third.

Day 4

            This year’s quiz bee event was nothing but a memorial. All students from the different class advisory spent an hour of clashes of the mind as they battle for the best. Paul Celoso, a 4th year BSIT student, won the clincher round together with the defending quiz champ, Eliezer Huelar of BSCOE and contender, Ramson Smith of BSBA.

Day 5

            The fun run event of the Events Management class numbered almost 500 runners composed of Interfacers, outsiders and alumni. The event started with a Zumba dance which hyped all runners to be up and running. The gun shot was heard at exactly 6:30 initiated by our school administrator, Mrs. Anna Liza A. Tercena. The 4th 3K fun run was made possible by all the efforts of the management of ICC Iloilo branch, team managers, students, and all local government officials who assisted the said event.

           It is party time! The College Night was themed “Traffic Lights” which resembles the three colors of a traffic light: green, yellow orange and red. All students were in their stunning looks and fancy dresses. Winners in the different events were announced and Team Slytherin was declared as the over-all champion of this year’s HED Week.



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