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Enriching Talents and Skills

By: Hanezza Beb’s Borres G-12 Arc

          "Stir the world with your skills, shake the world with your talent, move the world with your brilliance, change the world with your genius." Every person has its ability to perform their respective skills and talents. To have a talent is one of the greatest blessings.

          Hence, Interface Computer College opens a wide vast of opportunity where students can showcase their different talents and skills. The ICC Festival was successful last January 16-17, 2020 as students participated in different activities set for them.

          INTERFACErs enriched their talents and skills in essay writing, poster making, computer programming, web development, photoshop editing, singing and bartending.

         INTERFACErs valued their talents as they realized that it was one of God’s given gifts. As opportunities open, embrace it because it enriches your capabilities and develop yourself.

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