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Reminiscing the Old Times, Strengthening Our Ties

Rio Marie R. Orillo G-11 Mandriva

The season of giving once again arrived on the doors of Interface Computer College as it celebrates its year-end party at the Function Hall on the 19th of 2019 with a lot of looking flashbacks throughout the year.

The gist of the morning was the talent showcasing of each students coming from different grade levels, who poured amounts of effort to present their performances.

Different fun and surprises were thrown. The college students were first called to the stage as the first game's champion. Senior high level and Junior High got their turns next from the games afterward. Some of the students also got the chance to bring home prizes from the raffle.

Indeed, this Christmas party was a nostalgia-filled and remarkable day for all. The event was sealed with a one last motion picture of Season Greetings from INTERFACErs.

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